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Your partner: the leading contract sales outsourcing (CSO) company in France

A pioneer in sales & marketing, and a market leader for over 20 years, Repsco works with you to build bespoke, innovative solutions to make your products more visible in the market.

From developing strategies to promotions in the field, our focus on partnership is designed to bring you results.


Achieving your objectives

Recognised for our results-oriented culture,
at Repsco we are committed to four pillars of excellence.


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« Repsco entrusted me with ambitious and innovative assignments that allowed me to develop a true professional ease and gave my work as a medical representative another dimension, a more people-focussed adventure, in the service of healthcare.»


Medical sales associat

« Working for more than 10 years within the Repsco Group, as a medical and specialist representative, with various assignments, I am perfectly fulfilled, happy and proud to practice my profession and to be part of the company’s expansion. The group is dynamic, always looking to the future to preserve its market-leading position in pharmaceutical promotions, always in search of excellence in satisfying their customers’ needs by giving them the best. A group with a team spirit and a management structure close to their employees – especially the top leaders. Repsco offers an undeniable quality of professional life, and I feel lucky to make the most of it!. »


Medical sales associate

« At Repsco, I have found a fulfilling and stimulating work environment, which brings together on the one hand a demand for quality and a recognition of performance, and on the other, a respect for people and a goodwill. A supportive environment, meeting great people and with enriching exchanges: this is what makes you want to do even better, and to contribute to the collective effort! »


Regional director, multi-product sales network

« For me, Repsco is a responsive company that listens to its employees, and it is a company where a pharmaceutical representative can evolve and grow with their assignments. »


Pharmaceutical representative

« I joined Repsco a few years ago as a medical representative. With the experience I’ve gained, I’ve been able to improve my skills, be more innovative and more proactive. Today I lead a skilled sales network, one which is responsive, enthusiastic, and engaged alongside me in realising our partner’s projects. I am proud to take up this challenge each day. Thank you Repsco. »


National product sales manager

Responding to your needs

As the transformation of the French healthcare ecosystem brings new challenges, Repsco accompanies you all the way.

Privileged access to healthcare professionals

In a changing healthcare landscape, Repsco benefits from over 20 years of building relationships, to smooth the way for your communication with doctors and pharmacists.

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Multichannel solutions

Repsco supports you with a new approach to healthcare marketing, using innovative interfaces, data tools and a mix of digital and in-person interactions.

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Recruitment of talented professionals

Your teams are a key asset in a constantly evolving market. Thanks to Repsco Recruitment, you can target the best professional profiles.

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